Transanal Irrigation Webinar – Patient Assessment

Lähettäjä Wellspect Suomi, 23.5.2023

Jessica Aparo, Pelvic Floor Specialist at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust, talks about the assessment of patients being considered for Transanal Irrigation.

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Patient preference & adherence - a key role in a successful catheterization treatment

Lähettäjä Wellspect Suomi, 18.4.2023

Patient adherence plays a key role in a successful and cost-effective catheterization treatment. A patient who feels part of the decision-making, in control of his options and how they work with his lifestyle is more inclined to stick with his therapy and subsequently experience a good clinical outcome.

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Childhood Constipation: Current Status, Challenges, and Future Perspectives

Lähettäjä Wellscpect Healthcare, 21.3.2023

This is a short summary of the article by Shaman Rajindrajith, Niranga Manjuri Devanarayana, and Marc A Benninga in World Journal of Clinical Pediatrics, 2022 September 9; 11(5): 385-404

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Aihe: bowel dysfunction, constipation

Risk Factors for Recurrent Urinary Tract Infection in Children with Neurogenic Bladder Following Clean Intermittent Catheterization

Lähettäjä Wellscpect Healthcare, 20.2.2023

The study by Jiang et al is one of the few studies focusing on the risk factors of recurrent UTIs in a large group of children with neurogenic bladder using intermittent catheterization (IC). The study consists by a comprehensive analysis of clinical and urodynamic indicators in children between 9 months and 12 years. Recurrent UTIs in children with neurogenic bladders constitute high risk of leading to severe kidney damage and need to be an area of attention. This study is useful in determining treatments and proactive measures for preventing recurrent UTIs.

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Guideline for the management of neurogenic bowel dysfunction in spinal cord injury/disease

Lähettäjä Wellscpect Healthcare, 17.1.2023

Bowel dysfunction in spinal cord injury is very common and the guideline summarized here aims to provide practice-oriented support for bowel care in spinal cord injury patients. It is well-known that neurogenic bowel dysfunction (NBD) affects quality of life after spinal cord injury and bowel management is important to maintain health and well-being. To achieve a successful bowel management, it requires interdisciplinary teams working together.

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