After a spinal cord injury, can we predict who will recover independent bowel management during the first year?

Lähettäjä Wellspect Suomi, 8.3.2022

Neurogenic bowel dysfunction (NBD) with symptoms of constipation and fecal incontinence is a common complication of traumatic spinal cord injury. In a new study, the aim was to identify factors that could predict the recovery of independent bowel function to assist clinicians in their prognosis of bowel function and to guide them to bowel management strategies useful for the patient.

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Aihe: bowel dysfunction, bowel management, spinal cord injury (SCI)

Functional constipation in adults and children

Lähettäjä Anna Mars, 10.12.2020

Functional constipation is more common than you may think, up to 9.5 % of children and 14% of adults worldwide are affected. Functional constipation is when there is no known underlying cause such as a neurogenic or organic disease.

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Aihe: bowel dysfunction

Talk about constipation!

Lähettäjä Wellspect Suomi, 26.11.2020

Sun Jung Oh et al present one of the largest cross-sectional, population based online surveys in the US with the aim to determine the prevalence and predictors of individuals seeking healthcare for their constipation and the use of and satisfaction with over-the-counter medications in treating constipation.

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Aihe: bowel dysfunction, functional constipation, constipation

It's estimated that about 40% of the pediatric urology consultations are related to bladder bowel dysfunction (BBD)

Lähettäjä Wellspect Suomi, 15.11.2019

These symptoms of the lower urinary tract should be addressed early, as it may continue throughout adulthood, leading to significant morbidity.

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Aihe: science alert, bowel dysfunction, bladder dysfunction