Highlights from ACCT Let’s Talk Science webinar

Lähettäjä Anna Mars, 30.4.2021

On April 22nd, the first in a series of three ACCT Let’s talk… webinars took place with the purpose of Advancing Continence Care Together from a holistic perspective. With the contribution of Professors Annelie Brauner, Vikram Khullar and Niall Galloway, renown lecturers and specialists, this first webinar looked at bladder and bowel management with a scientific focus. Here we share some highlights from the webinar, which you can also watch on-demand, using the link below. If you enjoyed Let’s Talk Science, make sure you don’t miss the next webinars Let’s Talk Society on May 20th and Let’s Talk Self on June 17th!

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Let’s talk about bladder and bowel interaction!

Lähettäjä Anna Mars, 5.4.2021

During this spring Wellspect will be hosting a series of ACCT webinars on three different occasions, focusing on three different perspectives of bladder and bowel dysfunction with the purpose of Advancing Continence Care Together.

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